Direct Search

Direct Search

We bring the best candidates and clients together through expertise and innovative solutions.

We bring the best candidates and clients together through
expertise and innovative solutions.

Our experts and innovative solutions give you complete control over your recruitment.

The starting point is always an expert conversation about your company, the role to be filled, and ideal candidates. Together we set up a plan for recruiting, so you have a clear understanding of what happens when. We will source and review potential candidates within weeks. From there, we arrange meetings with candidates, final assessments, and contract signing with the right candidate.

Recruitment experts use our innovative solution based on efficient processes and extensive digital tools to ensure faster contact with more and better candidates.

The role to be filled

Our advisors have solid expertise in industry and function. This expertise follows you from a first meeting where you share information about your company, role, and profiles with our advisors. The information is structured and forms the basis for activating the suitable candidates. Digital technology and AI support our work without compromising the human factor that will always be crucial to successful recruitment.

Activating the best candidates

GreatPeople has a position and approach that allows us to engage with the suitable candidates faster than anyone else. Our activation of relevant candidates is characterized by systematics, creativity, and extensive analysis. Candidates are activated using effective technology based on our expertise and your specific assignment. Our innovative solutions include both efficient processes and digital technology to activate the best candidates.

Quality assurance and hiring

Great People’s goal is to activate the right candidate. It should be the proper role for the candidate’s career and the right candidate for the client’s organization. We minimize the risk of hiring the wrong person by combining our expertise with a structured and fact-based process:

  • Requirement specifications and analysis of client and role
  • Research with in-depth analysis of the market and candidates
  • Screening and discussions with relevant candidates
  • In-depth interviews focusing on competency, motivation, and personality
  • Reference interviews focusing on competency, motivation, and personality
  • Assessment of competency, motivation, and personality
  • Case

Follow-up and onboarding

GreatPeople is committed to ensuring that both the client and the candidate meet their expectations. To ensure the best possible integration, we follow up with both the client and the employed candidate frequently while building the foundation for a long-term partnership with the client simultaneously.

Parts of Direct Search processes are also offered as a separate service called Assessment for clients seeking an independent third-party candidate assessment.

Please contact us for more information about Direct Search and Assessments.

“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.”

Steve Jobs

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