Industry, Energy & Sustainability

Industry, Energy & Sustainability

We bring the best candidates and clients together through expertise and innovative solutions.

We bring the best candidates and clients together through
expertise and innovative solutions.

The industry is currently characterized by a high degree of integration in international value chains and an increased focus on safety in commodity chains.  High automation rates, wide fluctuations in energy costs, and consumer preferences make things more challenging in many parts of the value chain. New production has been moved to low-cost countries, and new technology and uncertainty make it more relevant to move production home.

Norway is a significant energy nation as a major oil and gas producer. Norway also has many productions of energy through hydropower and great potential for wind power, among other things. As much as half of Norwegian goods exports come from the energy sector. Energy demand in Norway and abroad is rising sharply. Greater demands are being made by and for governments and consumers for increased sustainability.

Sustainability is essential for all companies focusing on sustainability and ESG that stand out. These companies have increased sustainability as their primary objective, and the product delivered must include increased sustainability. This is an important area that needs expertise, perhaps especially in rapid restructuring and large-scale production.

Let GreatPeople lift your recruiting in the following areas:

  • Aviation & Defence
  • Engineering & Industrial Services
  • Logistics & Shipping
  • Agriculture & Fish
  • Mining & Raw Materials
  • Process industry
  • Metal industry
  • Machinery industry
  • Circular Economy & Recycling
  • Renewable energy: Hydroelectric power
  • Electric grids & power supply
  • Oil and gas operators
  • Oil services

Why you should choose GreatPeople for your recruiting:

  • Relevant expertise: We have expertise in recruitment for companies in the field of IT, SaaS & Digital, and all functions
  • Access to candidates: We have access to the entire market, so our advisors can source and activate suitable candidates for you
  • Efficient processes: We build efficient processes and systems so you can recruit great people faster

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